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New approach reveals answers for brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, sleep issues, and more.

Join thousands of others who have gotten to the root cause of their chronic disease with what you're about to learn in this free training.




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  • What happens after the 5 months?

    It’s entirely up to you. The standard program length is 5 months, however you have the option of extending beyond 5 months through our Longevity+ subscription for $172 per month, which includes a 20% discount and free shipping on any additional products purchased. Without Longevity+, you'll have lifetime access to the Pompa Program Portal where you can purchase products as needed at standard pricing.

    Are there any additional costs or fees?

    It depends. Since everyone’s toxin exposures, symptoms, and health journeys are different, some people may need to take longer through various phases or go through various protocols that are outside of the standard 5-month protocol. For example, if someone has had amalgam fillings for 30 years, their level of mercury exposure is going to be much higher than someone who’s only had them for five years, and thus, may exhibit different symptoms. With the former, it would be very dangerous to try to remove their mercury all at once, so they may want to do an additional brain phase(s) in the future. The good thing is, the cost will only be a fraction of the initial investment, since the how-to is included in the Pompa Program Portal, and coaching won’t be needed. This is why it’s important that you complete your Neurotoxicity Questionnaire with as much accuracy as possible, so your coach is able to help you in the best way possible. At the end of the day, you’re in the driver’s seat and you decide what optimum health looks like for you.

    Do you have a guarantee?

    Yes! Upon completion of the Program, if you have not experienced any improvement in your health, made progress towards your success goals, or been equipped with a customized path forward, you may request a refund for what you’ve paid for the Program.

    How do you determine your success rate?

    Success with our program is specific to each client, but it typically falls into one of three categories:

    1. Symptoms have been relieved, client feels better

    2. Client is able to get off of meds, or at least reduce their dosage

    3. Client has improved test results

    Why would someone not be a part of your success rate?

    In some cases, clients feel better than they have in years after only completing part of our program. Sometimes this leads to clients not completing the 5 months and simply quitting, which would be counted as a non-success in our eyes. In most cases, though, it’s due to clients not following the program or the instructions given by their coach.

    What are your health coaches' credentials?

    Most coaches have experience in the health & medical field, including MDs, chiropractors, naturopaths, holistics, and nurses. While this is helpful, all have also been rigorously trained and certified by Dr Pompa himself on how to safely and effectively coach our clients as they go through this medical-grade cellular detox program.

    I’m super sensitive to certain substances and have a lot of allergies. What happens in my case?

    Using our various product lines (e.g. vegetarian, vegan) as well as their practitioner’s toolbox, our coaches have a wide variety of tools at their disposal to meet clients where they are. That said, it’s the client’s responsibility to provide truthful, accurate information pertaining to their allergies & sensitivities when they first meet with their coach to avoid any issues.

    Will I experience any side effects?

    In some cases, mild symptoms (uncomfortable, not debilitating) may be experienced. In this case, you would simply let your coach know and he/she will recommend you slow down until those symptoms are manageable. The likelihood of severe side effects, however, is drastically reduced (if not completely eliminated) by the inclusion of our 30-day prep phase at the start of our detox.

    Do I continue with my current medications while going through your program?

    Initially, yes. The Body Phase (mos. 2-4) is typically when clients begin to meet with their coach and their doctor to begin titrating down on their medications, or coming off of them altogether.

    What happens if I'm part way through the program and for some reason I need to stop? Am I entitled to any sort of refund?

    We understand that life happens. As such, we will allow you to pause the Program one-time for up to 3 months. If circumstances require you to quit the program, then you’ll receive a refund based on how much of the program you’ve already completed. Note: our guarantee will NOT apply unless you complete all five months consecutively, without stopping.

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